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"Pelley Marine has been a supplier of high quality Marine Technical Support to Marine Services International (2008) Limited for the past 5 years.

MSI has relied on Mr. Craig Pelley to complete 3D rendered drawings for new design proposals to vessel modifications. These renderings are used to inform the client and assist in visualization; and a tool to optimize the design and the construction process. Mr. Pelley has always provided this work in a cost effective and timely manner.

Craig has offered informed input for aluminum and steel vessel construction. His background as a boat builder in all materials has been invaluable to improving the construction of each project that we have collaborated on.

MSI looks forward to collaborating with Pelley Marine in the future.

David M. Porter, N.A.
Marine Services International


Advantages of Steel Boat Construction:

Strength. Steel is incredibly strong. It has excellent abrasion and impact resistance. If strength is the primary consideration for a boat building material then steel would be a good choice.

Cost. It relatively inexpensive as compared to aluminum.

Disadvantages of Steel Boat Construction:

Weight. Steel is heavy. If considering building a boat less then 40 feet in length, the plate thickness needed to build with would make steel excessively heavy. A steel hull with aluminum superstructure would be a good option.

Rust. Unless extreme attention is used during the finishing process, steel will undoubtedly begin to rust. Excessive rusting is unsightly and weakens the material.